May Day in Haiti!

Below are some May Day photos from Cap Haitien, Port-au-Prince and Ouanaminthe.

This is what class struggle looks like! The combative workers of Haiti should be an inspiration to us all, to step up our game and join up with this international struggle in the way we need to, everywhere. Share it, spread it. Solidarity with the international working class! The best expression of solidarity is for us to organize wherever we are.

Slogans on the banners include:

“Long Live Our Combative Union!”

“Long Live Our Combative May Day! Continue our Resistance, Our Struggle
foor the Demands of the Whole Working Class!” (From PLASIT, a platform of
three Batay Ouvriye textile unions).

“500 Gourds at Least, with Accompaniments!” (i.e.: food and other
workplace demands).

“Down with the Plan of Death!” (Imperialist plan).



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