May Day! Solidarity w/Haitian Garment Workers

May 1st is International Workers Day! Today, One Struggle wants to bring attention to the struggle of Haitian garment workers and the Rapid Response Network – a solidarity network that supports autonomous workers’s struggles. One Struggle will be participating in May Day events in South Florida, and in Haiti, garment workers across the country will [...]

An Interview with an Organizer for Batay Ouvriye (Workers Struggle)

By One Struggle One Struggle: Can you give me a brief description of what Batay Ouvriye* is and a little bit of the history of it? Batay Ouvriye: Batay Ouvriye is part of a whole current that had roots in Europe and the United States where many of the resistance, many of the leftist people, [...]

Statement of Solidarity with SOTA

Beginning in mid September, a nascent Haitian garment workers’ union decided that in their continued efforts to defend and demand that their factories respect their basic democratic rights – they would go public. Within 2 weeks, spokespeople for Sendika Ouvriye Takstil ak Abiman (SOTA) were out of work. In some workplaces, organizers were specifically told [...]