Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 1

There’s an evil force dominating the people of the world and even destroying the planet itself. This force is our enemy, and the enemy of all life. Before we can defeat it, we have to correctly identify it. We have to understand its underlying structure and how it works, in order to pinpoint its vulnerabilities [...]

We can't defeat capital while upholding its interests

Progressives (anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists) must avoid many traps designed to render us completely ineffective. We must clearly understand our situation, in order to act constructively. One fact that we must appropriate is that the crisis of capital is no longer a cyclical one. Instead it is a deeply rooted systemic crisis, from which, so far, [...]

Observations on Work

By Doug Enaa Greene “Let’s not change bosses, let’s change life.” -May 1968 One of the constants of election year 2012, aside from nearly identical parties, is the focus on jobs. Whether it is Obama’s latest stimulus or Romney’s promise to “unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of America,” both candidates claim they want to create jobs. [...]

A Brief Definition of Imperialism

By Stephanie McMillan The historical development of capitalism drives inexorably (though not uniformly) toward the concentration of capital. This is expedited by increasing the scale of production, dominating markets, and improving technology. Concentrations of capital form monopolies that can exert proportional power (control) over the economic and political arrangements of the social formations they dominate. [...]

Video: A Definition of Imperialism

A presentation by Abdy Javadzadeh, in 2011 at FIU, Miami, followed by discussion. [youtube]