RRN: #DefendYannick – Building Pressure!

“Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers’ struggle for a pittance!” UPDATE: There is a general strike in Haiti Mon 2/9 – Tues 2/10. RRN will deliver our signed statement to the thugs at CNOHA on Wed 2/11. That gives us two more days to gather support! Please share widely. Batay Ouvriye [...]

Batay Ouvriye’s autonomous presence in recent demonstrations

Two types of struggles: the struggle among the bourgeoisie for the control of the State Apparatus, and the struggle of the masses for another alternative: "Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers' struggle for a pittance!" "Down with Misery Wages! Down with the High Cost of Living! Down with Unemployment!" [...]

Back Off, Thugs: We Will Defend Yannick Etienne!

Urgent: take action with the Rapid Response Network! Militant union organizer attacked in Port-au-Prince On January 30, an assassination attempt was made on Yannick Etienne, a militant of Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), in the SONAPI industrial zone of Port-au-Prince. The perpetrators were flunkies of the NGO/yellow union CNOHA (Central National Workers of Haiti). The events [...]

Hanes: ensure workers are re-hired and paid 500 gourdes!

Here's a link to a half-page leaflet (pdf) ready for printing & delivery to Hanes retail outlets and offices, in whatever geographic location you happen to be. Please let us know about your experiences, and Batay Ouvriye as well: batay@batayouvriye.org RRNleafletHANES And here's a cartoon saying pretty much the same thing: