Miami #J20 Protest

os-which-side-2017(1)Miami, FL – Friday 1/20/17, One Struggle attended our local Inauguration Day Protest.

Trump’s election has rallied an incredibly broad range of push back. At the Miami march, many folks made calls to “Dump Trump” to restore American democracy… basically their own version of “Make America Great Again.” A little further left of these demands were calls to confront Trump’s potential policies based on xenophobia, denial of science and climate change, racism, and Islamophobia.

This country was founded on land theft and genocide of indigenous peoples.  It was built on slavery and exploitation of the working class for the accumulation of wealth and private property for capitalists.  The same arrangement still exists. Dumping Trump will not solve our problems.  The root of this problem goes way deeper than one, orange politician.  The economic, political and ideological arrangement that is capitalism is the problem.

Also, while we are  fiercely determined to fight all forms of oppression, we insist that these struggles must be waged in the context of confronting capitalism. When we talk about racism, transphobia, or climate disaster without a connection to capitalism, our efforts are bound to be funneled into reforming capitalism.  We end up doing the work of the Democratic Party, NGO’s, our enemy – the capitalist class.

That said, at this moment in time, when capitalism is in crisis, fascism looms, and our organization is lagging behind, we support all forms of dissent that have the potential to slow down the consolidation of fascism. It was great to stand with hundreds of folks, marching down the highway. While we all held different positions, there was a spirit of anger and defiance that unified us all. Our interpretations and solutions vary, but we all agree, there is a definite problem. That’s a starting point.

Last, we attended this demonstration alongside some of our Miami comrades – South Florida Autonomous Left. Recognizing the need to gather our forces, SFAL is a loose network comprised of organizations and individuals with a wide variety of political positions, but who all agree that capitalism must die.

We are stoked to see so many people fired up and in the streets! We aim to do our part to help grow these mobilizations into a movement… one capable of radically altering this world.

Below is the text of the leaflet we handed out.

Get in touch if you think you agree with us, want to talk about working together, or want to join us.

IMAG14811/20/17 – Miami Inauguration Protest Leaflet
This moment is scary, and it’s real. In this volatile time, we must get our bearings, understand this moment, and recognize which side we’re on.

Trump is an effect of capitalism in crisis. Capitalism’s constant need to grow and expand has led to unseen levels of inequality; extreme exploitation of people and planet; and the push towards privatization of all elements of life, including air and water.

Fascism is a form capitalism takes to deal with crisis.  It’s an autocratic approach to keep the economic engine chugging along for capitalists, and to prevent the people from fighting back, based on their own interests.  Fear, nationalism, xenophobia, racism, transphobia and Islamophobia are used to divide us and pacify us.

Trump is taking us down the road of fascism. But Obama, Clinton, Sanders & Stein are just other capitalist alternatives.

While there are differences among these capitalist representatives, they will all unite for the interests of capitalists over workers, students, families, our health and our planet. Obama made this clear in a press conference after Trump’s election when he said, “We’re actually all on one team.”

Now, more than ever, it’s time to recognize our common enemy – the capitalist class – and the economic arrangement that serves their interests, not ours.

We have to push back, to slow down capitalism in the process of fascism.  We need to build and grow our political alternative to their economic crises.

It’s time to get organized!  Let’s harness our fears, frustrations, and skills into organization.  Let’s build political unity, and figure out how we can work together.

Let’s start this work now – in our homes, our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, in our cities and towns.

Let’s build a movement against capitalism, imperialism & fascism!

If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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