Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 26

inter-capitalist conflict


Obama is doing his best to manage the immediate conflicting needs of different blocs of capital as he implements policies that lay the basis for the long-term viability of the system – putting in place the political and economic structures for fascism and facilitating the transition of capital investments into alignment with it. The fact that he’s a Democrat encourages the compliance of the masses, directing their demands into channels that will benefit capital as a whole and closing off all other options. Until a real alternative becomes available, they’re trapped between politicians who pay lip service to their needs while crushing them, and others who openly don’t care about them at all.

You may wonder why anyone would put up with this miserable nightmare for even one second. We do because of the superstructure—the ideas (or ideology) and political institutions that we can picture as a shell around the economic structure, both supporting it and shaped by its needs.


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