Miami #J20 Protest

os-which-side-2017(1)Miami, FL – Friday 1/20/17, One Struggle attended our local Inauguration Day Protest.

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Water is Life & Capitalism Must Die. #StopSabalTrail

by SC & Eeb

The world over, water, land, and life are under attack by capitalists’ desperate need to expand markets.  Extraction, especially hydraulic fracturing or fracking, is expanding at alarming rates in North America.  Pipelines are snaking their way from coast to coast.

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Commit to Class Struggle


As many of us pause to enjoy the company of friends and family on Thanksgiving, let’s also pause for a dose of reality.

Thanksgiving is not a celebration of peace and equality.  It is an homage to capitalist domination, colonialism, and imperialism.  This country was founded on land theft and genocide of indigenous peoples.  It was built on slavery and exploitation of the working class for the accumulation of wealth and private property for capitalists.  The same arrangement still exists.

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Report Back & Call to Organize! Trump Protest, Miami.


Friday, November 11th – thousands of Miamians took the streets of downtown Miami to protest the election of Donald Trump. Starting at Bayfront Park, we marched north up Biscayne Blvd, onto the 395 causeway to Miami Beach, temporarily shutting down traffic in both directions. The march continued for several hours, moving back south through downtown and onto I-95.

This anti-Trump demonstration showed the promise and potential of this volatile moment. It’s impossible to ignore what’s happening in the world around us anymore. Millions of people are showing up to demonstrations to express discontent. People are fed up. Some are angry. Everyone is talking politics.
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Sweet Micky Hocks Autobiography as Haitian Garment Workers Continue to Fight Exploitation

Martelly, Plasit SM img

PLASIT-BO Garment Workers Conference (top). Sweet Micky (bottom).

By las hermanas Cruz

Wednesday, May 18th, The Miami Book Fair, Miami Dade College and Imaginart Media Productions will host former Haitian president, Michel Martelly, at the MDC Wolfson campus for a book signing and discussion of Martelly’s new autobiography, Michel Martelly Autobiographie.

“Sweet Micky,” the former compa/pop singer turned president was “elected,” or rather installed by the U.S. in 2011, among valid accusations of election fraud.  His presidency and resistance to leave office have been characterized by theft, corruption, delaying elections, and ruling by executive order.

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Sure, Vote for Bernie, But the Left Can Do Better

elections-1The following article is written by One Struggle in Iowa. Although they share the same name as us, as well as a strong level of unity on anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism, they are a completely autonomous organization. Their points of unity and perspectives may be different than ours. Nevertheless, the following article by Thomas Estabrook is worth sharing, as it makes great points about Bernie Sanders’ campaign and electoral politics in general.

Thomas makes a great point in explaining that radical change cannot be advanced within the capitalist framework. Bernie Sanders’ campaign aspires to create change and bring about a ‘political revolution’ through state sponsored elections. At the same time, Thomas refrains from being ultra-leftist by adding that it’s fine to vote for some short-term, more immediate gain that can possibly bring some alleviation. As the authors describes, sure go ahead and vote for Bernie, but don’t lose sight. We’ll have to continue the struggle, through the elections hysteria and after.
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Pollinating Ríos Vivos this Saturday – Miami!

pollinizaciones_posterfinalThe time has come!  Join us this Saturday 1/9 at 3pm.

One Struggle is excited to host the Miami stop of the “Pollinating Ríos Vivos” tour!

“Pollinating Ríos Vivos” is a joint project of The Beehive Design Collective and Movimiento Ríos Vivos.

Movimiento Ríos Vivos Colombia is the collective effort of dam-impacted communities in Columbia fighting to defend their territories and rivers.

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