Photos of the cane cutters’ march in the Dominican Republic

Here are photos from a march and demonstration last week (March 18) of sugar cane cutters in Santo Domingo. The Union of Sugarcane Workers have been waging a national mobilization campaign since February 25.Their demands are:
• 3rd Pension Act for sugarcane workers.
• Medical Insurance.
• Increased pension RD $ 5,000 to RD $ 10,000 pesos.
• Wage Increase.
• Construction and repair of housing.

Of these claims they are very close to getting the first two.

For more information (in French and Spanish) please visit:




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Support Haitian Sugar Cane Cutters in the Dominican Republic!

RRNogoPlease consider sending a note of encouragement and solidarity to Haitian sugar cane cutters in the Dominican Republic who are taking a stand today and Wednesday, as described below in a message from Batay Ouvriye.

Their email address:

To find out more about the lives of the workers in sugar production, here’s a documentary, “The Price of Sugar”:

From Batay Ouvriye:


Moved by the crimes that, in their extreme horror, have surfaced in reality, and pushed by the echoes of their catastrophic lives, the Haitian sugar-cane cutters in the Dominican Republic, together with Dominicans in the Bateys as well those in solidarity, coalesce into one voice: that of permanent resistance.

In contrast to that, how ephemeral is Haitian “civil society.” It is for their survival –- facing their extermination –- that they are in confrontation with which, at the level of their political consciousness, is clearly expressed as the main target: the presidency.

Thus, according to the information they have communicated to us:

“For our part, the sugar-cane workers, from February 25th of this year have set up a permanent vigil in front of the Presidential Palace, demanding a 3rd Pension Act for the sugar-cane workers.”


“For Monday March 16th, we will have a strong concentration of sugar cane workers at the Presidential Palace. And on Wednesday March 18th, a march to the Presidential Palace.”

As we have already stated, their last protest movement was brutally interrupted, repressed and buried in hatred.

Wednesday March 18, again they are going to risk everything: the Haitian sugar-cane cutters in the Dominican Republic!

To those who understand, know, and internalize fully the magnitude of this historical moment, we ask them to send their support to those Haitian warriors, paradoxically the true guarantors of our independence:


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International Working Women’s Day in Haiti

From Batay Ouvriye: This year in Answouj, in the Northwest [Haiti], we have focused our forces on 8 March 2015. The day commemorating the fight of working women! Some photos will inform us.


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One Struggle Progressive Open Mic 3/19/15

The upcoming Open Mic will be amping up for Miami May Day!

Featured Performers:

The Barely Damned – Ryan Carney-Guitar & Vocals +
Bryan Abramowitz- Vocals.

BoraVictoria Gonzalez-Bredy – vocals + Ahmet Hassan- guitar.

Cyril – guitar & vocals – originals, Nina Simone covers & Haitian folk songs.

Scenes from As the World Burns, adapted by Ali.

Progressives of all stripes are invited to share their songs, beats, rhymes, rants, and to build progressive community in Miami.

Entry is $5 and a $10 donation gets you two drinks. All donations go toward the organizing efforts of One Struggle.

Taking place at Veye Yo in Little Haiti.

Time slots for all artists will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you get there the better your time slot!

RSVP here:

Cover photo by Jorge Quintana

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Report from Yannick Etienne — RRN campaign results

We are very grateful for all the support and solidarity we have received from a lot of individuals and organizations. This kind of support is very important and strengthens our conviction and our determination to keep up the struggle till the end. This kind of support also shows the internationalist nature of the struggles we are engaged in and the importance of international solidarity. The capitalists and imperialists have formed their own camp and alliances, we must stand united in our own camp to confront them.

We want to underscore that our response was very effective. The organizations that we asked to be targeted by protest messages, CNOHA and its president, Dominique St Eloi, received a lot of messages. In a meeting between different organizations concerning this matter, they asked Batay Ouvriye to request the suspension of the solidarity messages. Continue reading

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RRN: #DefendYannick – Building Pressure!

"Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers' struggle for a pittance!"

“Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers’ struggle for a pittance!”

UPDATE: There is a general strike in Haiti Mon 2/9 – Tues 2/10.

RRN will deliver our signed statement to the thugs at CNOHA on Wed 2/11.

That gives us two more days to gather support!

Please share widely.

Batay Ouvriye reports that CNOHA is feeling our pressure.  Thank you for helping to flood their email inboxes!

At the core of this attack, and our solidarity with Batay Ouvriye, is the struggle for genuine autonomous and democratic workers organizations… something that is actually rare in existence, the world over. Let’s defend it!

On January 30, an assassination attempt was made on Yannick Etienne, a militant of Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), in the SONAPI industrial zone of Port-au-Prince. The perpetrators were flunkies of the NGO/yellow union CNOHA (Central National Workers of Haiti).

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Batay Ouvriye’s autonomous presence in recent demonstrations

Two types of struggles: the struggle among the bourgeoisie for the control of the State Apparatus, and the struggle of the masses for another alternative:

"Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers' struggle for a pittance!"

“Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers’ struggle for a pittance!”

 "Down with Misery Wages! Down with the High Cost of Living! Down with Unemployment!"

“Down with Misery Wages! Down with the High Cost of Living! Down with Unemployment!”

"Determined Mobilization!"

“Determined Mobilization!”

"Down with unions that would sell out the people's struggle!"

“Down with unions that would sell out the people’s struggle!”

"Martelly is a bourgeois -- Down with the Bourgeoisie!"

“Martelly is a bourgeois — Down with the Bourgeoisie!”

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