Sure, Vote for Bernie, But the Left Can Do Better

The following article is written by One Struggle in Iowa. Although they share the same name as us, as well as a strong level of unity on anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism, they are a completely autonomous organization. Their points of unity and perspectives may be different than ours. Nevertheless, the following article by Thomas Estabrook is [...]

A few points on electoral politics.

A "corrupted" system? There’s a misconception by Americans that the problem with elected representatives today is that they’re ‘corrupt’ and that the whole political system is corrupt, rigged, and/or broken. The job approval rating for Congress reached an all-time record low of 9% according to a November ‘13 gallup poll. In total, there is a [...]

The real choice in 2012? Two Evils or One Struggle!

Every four years, as we come around to that carnage strewn and rotting battlefield known as “the presidential election cycle,” the question is raised as to whether this is a zone we’re obliged to enter. It’s a hot debate, hot as in ’emotional’ and, frequently, as in ‘full of much hot air.’ It’s also a [...]