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We appreciate your interest!

To join One Struggle, please read the documents in the Points of Unity tab.

If you generally agree with our approach, we’d love to talk with you. Before you join, we first need to get to know you through face-to-face discussion. If you live near south Florida, contact us and we will set up a meeting.

If you don’t live in the south Florida area and would like to form one, you can either travel to us, or, if you have a group of people prepared to discuss forming a chapter, we may travel to you. Contact us to work out logistics.

If you would like to work with us on a more informal basis, possibilities include:

  • Organizing an event together
  • Distributing or collaborating on written materials, media, art and other projects
  • Share content online
  • Helping us with transcriptions, article writing and editing, layout/design, and research
  • Fundraising for One Struggle or donating funds

If you have other ideas or want to participate in other ways, please let us know!

6 Responses to Join or work with us

  1. Felipe says:

    I I am under eighteen can I join?

  2. mark says:

    i would love to be part of this group i agree with all your principles and i would love to meet up and talk more

  3. Brandon says:

    I’m glad I found this website. I would definitely like to join this movement. I live in south florida; so I’m close. And I believe I have a lot to offer to your cause. I’m efficient in researching, writing, and design/layout. I want to help, so hope I get a message back. -peace

  4. Larry Klein says:

    I have been politically active on the left for decades and, of course, love your site. I have also been a follower of Derrick Jensen for years and have read most of his books. So now I have been attempting to increase the consciousness of my left wing comrades in the Workers World Party of the environmental danger or the process of capitalism murdering our planet. We basically are running out of time.
    I live in the U.P. of Michigan and must travel to political events – such as a 300 mile trip to Detroit. I have friends and comrades here who also go with me to these events. I would like to maintain closer contact with your group and will share information with others.
    Thank You,

  5. Bruce Haskin says:

    In Philadelphia, PA — any thing going around here?

  6. Timothy Roberts says:

    No need to reply back; it’ll just be read by NSA, etc. Anyway, I wish you all well. As an ex-Republican, I have many years of penance ahead of me before I could work with you. Besides, I’m one of those introverts who does better with books & paper than groups & actions. Capitalism/Imperialism is one hellish evil. But please know, I hope we can all bury it there someday soon. –Tim in Texas

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