Videos: Anti-Imperialist Festival, Miami 7/28/12

Some of the music at the Anti-Imperialist Festival, 7/28/12 at Libreri Mapou, Miami [youtube] Askultura [youtube] Jan Sebon [youtube] Kiki Wainwright

Video: A Definition of Imperialism

A presentation by Abdy Javadzadeh, in 2011 at FIU, Miami, followed by discussion. [youtube]

Video: Is It Fascism Yet?

Marc Luzietti makes a presentation at the Anti-Capitalist Caucus of Occupy Fort Lauderdale, 2012. [youtube]

Video on NGOs

From Overthrowing the Profit System to Not For Profit Marc Luzietti makes a presentation about NGOs, 1/8/11 at Florida International University, North Miami. [youtube]