Affirming the Concept of Progressive Militant

By Jan Makandal In a period of political turmoil, turbulence and chaos, our task will emerge for the continuation of the struggle. For us to comprehend and perform that task, theoretical clarity is imperative. Our aim is not for control, but to understand the necessity of our situation through developing a clear systematic theoretical guide, [...]

The Limitations of Activism or Don't Just Do Something

People are rising up across the world against the robbery and murder perpetrated on behalf of financial elites by governments under the euphemism austerity. While inspiring many new people to participatory democracy, these seemingly spontaneous uprisings are often anchored by rank-and-file labor and community groups that have been engaged in a long struggle for social [...]

Unite Our Struggles Against Exploitation and Ecocide

Our Planet, Our People, Are Not Expendable Our Common Enemy Is Global Capitalism Capitalism is the economic system that dominates the planet. It runs on the exploitation of human labor to turn the living world into dead commodities, for the profit of a few. The small, powerful minority who own the means of production enforce [...]

Mobilizations and Mass Movements

Mobilizations and Mass Movements This is a discussion of two approaches employed in organizing at the mass level: mobilizations and mass movements. Mobilizations typically entail calling on people to participate in rallies, protests and other actions. A mass movement pushes dialogue and strategizing from the revolutionary or intermediate levels to the mass level, building organization [...]

Global Capitalism is running out of options!

The crisis is global and inside imperialist societies such as France, Spain and inside societies dominated by imperialism such as Greece, Haiti. In the U.S., the recent economic crisis is more structural than any other crisis. The ideologues of the bourgeoisie, as well as from the Democratic and Republican parties, are scrambling for explanations and [...]

Points of Unity

Capitalism/imperialism is an economic system constructed for the purpose of theft and accumulation of wealth for those in power. Its built-in, insatiable drive for profit has caused measureless human misery all over the world, and is threatening the very existence of life on Earth. Social struggles against oppression are all interconnected. The battles against patriarchy; [...]