Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 13

Competition drives technological development as each capitalist pursues ever-increasing efficiency and speed. They automate their factories to minimize the number of workers and to stay ahead of one another. […]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 12

After a short hiatus, the “Capitalism Must Die!” series is back. Other capitalists are running this same cycle at the same time. All their commodities flow into the marketplace. Competition is the major economic driving force of capitalism. […]

Overcoming Sectarianism in the Construction of a Combative Mass Movement

By Jan Makandal The Crisis of Capitalism: A Particular Conjuncture Capitalism is going through a period of deep crisis in the reproduction of capital. Two types of contradictions are actually affecting capital, compelling it to desperately seek a remedy for this crisis, which is a result of how capital is currently producing surplus value, and [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 11

Meanwhile, another way that the capitalists add value to their products is through the externalization of costs. Basically, they’re not paying the full production costs for the commodities. Pollution from the production process is discharged into the environment. The numerous and serious consequences of this, never mind the cleanup which never happens, are not paid [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 10

The next part of the cycle is production. The defining features of capitalism are right here at the point of production, with the exploitation of labor and the production of surplus value. I’m going to come back to that in a few days, to describe that process in more detail. […]