Eyewitness Account of Factory Collapse Aftermath

[UPDATE: We received this from a reader on 5/15: “Found out recently, Babu has died. Actually ‘murdered’ would be the right word. I am trying to find out what happened, but in vain. Still trying…probably he did, saw, and knew too much! His body was found in a room of a hospital, there were signs [...]

New Times Coverage of Walmart Action

    Some good coverage from the New Times: Activists With One Struggle Protest Walmart Saturday in Support of Bangladeshi Workers - Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach - News - The Daily Pulp.

Bangladesh: What I Really Saw

What follows is an eyewitness account of the rescue efforts at the collapsed factory building in Bangladesh. The translation was sent to us with a request to post it. It shows the heroism of the masses, who have been risking their own lives to save the trapped workers, in contrast to the army which poses [...]

“Stop Earning This Huge Profit on Blood”: An Interview with Anu Muhammad about the Tazreen Fashions Factory Fire in Bangladesh

Conducted by Stephanie McMillan Anu Muhammad, an anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist activist and Professor of Economics at Jahangirnagar University (Dhaka, Bangladesh), is the author of more than 20 books. He is the editor of the website Meghbarta.info. The fire occurred on November 24, 2012 in Savar, Bangladesh, killing more than a hundred workers. The factory produced clothing for [...]

An Interview with an Organizer for Batay Ouvriye (Workers Struggle)

By One Struggle One Struggle: Can you give me a brief description of what Batay Ouvriye* is and a little bit of the history of it? Batay Ouvriye: Batay Ouvriye is part of a whole current that had roots in Europe and the United States where many of the resistance, many of the leftist people, [...]

Wage Struggles: Reformist or Revolutionary?

By Jan Makandal In Bangladesh, Haiti, Brazil, China, the U.S. and everywhere, workers are demanding wages that allow them to feed, house, clothe, and educate themselves and their families. Some on the Left argue that wage struggles are inherently reformist. The reality is that they can be either reformist or democratic (the latter as an [...]