One Struggle Open Mic on Thursday, March 21st at 8pm

Come to our monthly progressive open mic at Undergrounds Coffeehaus (3020 North Federal Highway, 5A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306) tomorrow. There will be comedy, music, poetry and more! Click here for the Facebook event page

There is a Specter Haunting…….

by Ricardito Ramos There is a specter haunting the world A specter with its own voice and story to be told breathe is being pumped back into the masses a breathe that might end the domination of ruling classes, that might culminate in the destruction of the destroyers, the tyranny of the “employers”, a final [...]

Feel The Revolution in Your Senses

by Lauren Bury 09/19/2012 When you look from side to side Tell me what you see The homeless huddling for shelter The rampant poverty The workers struggle to survive While the bosses lock their chains The revolution must come alive If we want this to change When you listen with both ears Tell me what [...]

Building the flame

by Ricardito Ramos Under the veil of darkness, The silence that sparks this Loudness, the roar of those trampled upon, Shall unleash against the beast that feasts upon them Making the living the walking deceased In the dreams of peace Created by the dominated That were taught hatred Yet exhibit the most potent love Looking [...]

This painting is a mess…

by Kiki Wainwright No matter how life is painted now – white over black, red, the color of blood or green, the hope that changes are imminent – this painting’s a mess… No matter how the lower class struggles in bad weather, the big boss always has sunshine; a bad day for him is death [...]

The Invasion

by Ricardito Ramos They came weapons blazing Erasing our memory, Painting a candy coated version of history They came fortified, We were petrified Yet in our rebel eyes, we reflected the conviction of our people We were terrified yet full of fire The fire for freedom that left us inspired We rose up against the [...]