Beyond Identity, Toward Emancipation

by Vincent Kelley January 2014 Radical sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein recently observed that “[t]he biggest internal debate absorbing the world left for at least the last seventy-five years has been whether identity is a left concept and therefore a left concern”.[i] While this debate has been ongoing, proponents of identity politics and their detractors often fall [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 29

If we want to free ourselves from this omnicidal nightmare, then we must organize ourselves, must become strong enough so that together we can dispossess the dispossessors, take back our collective means of subsistence, and annihilate capitalism as a system. Only then can we build an alternative way of life that is sustainable and free [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 17

Back at the start, the surplus value has to be reinvested. Only through expansion can each company gain a competitive edge over all the others. For capitalism as a whole to function in a reasonably stable way, and for everyone to stay ahead of their interest payments, it must grow about 3% annually. So the [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 16

They must continuously force open and seize control of more markets. This is one of the driving forces for imperialism. When more than one country does this, major inter-imperialist conflicts ensue. This rivalry—not any sort of moral issue—was the cause of the two major inter-imperialist wars of the 20th Century. So war both captures markets [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 14

The surplus value created in production is locked inside the commodity until the moment of consumption, when it’s released as profit. When you plunk your dollars down to buy the hair dryer or the box of frozen waffles, the capitalist’s goal is realized. […]