Beyond Identity, Toward Emancipation

by Vincent Kelley January 2014 Radical sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein recently observed that “[t]he biggest internal debate absorbing the world left for at least the last seventy-five years has been whether identity is a left concept and therefore a left concern”.[i] While this debate has been ongoing, proponents of identity politics and their detractors often fall [...]

Hanes: ensure workers are re-hired and paid 500 gourdes!

Here's a link to a half-page leaflet (pdf) ready for printing & delivery to Hanes retail outlets and offices, in whatever geographic location you happen to be. Please let us know about your experiences, and Batay Ouvriye as well: RRNleafletHANES And here's a cartoon saying pretty much the same thing:  

Two new reports from the minimum wage struggle in Haiti

NOTE: These 2 reports are very roughly translated with the help of Google translator, so may contain errors. Apologies in advance if that is the case. *** Report from Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), Nov. 17: 250 workers participated in debate around the minimum wage. St. Cyr, a member of the CATH, talked about all the [...]

Report from Batay Ouvriye

On November 7, the Collective Textile Factory Union (KOSIT) organized a march from the CODEVI Free Trade Zone, through various popular neighborhoods in the area, to the center of Ouanaminthe. More than 8000 workers took to the street demanding 500 gourdes ($11.50/day), a pittance. Workers also demanded free transportation, lunch room, health care and retirement. [...]

Artists & Writers Support Haiti Wage Campaign!

In just one week, 90 artists, musicians and writers from all over the world — including four Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists — enthusiastically offered their support for the struggle in Haiti for a rise in the minimum wage to 500 gourdes ($11.50) per day! For their statement and list of signatories, read more… […]