The “US Hands Off the Haitian People Coalition” was active in the 1990s in Miami, and worked to oppose US intervention in Haiti and the forcible return of people fleeing the Cedras regime, and to build solidarity with workers’ struggles in Haiti, particularly in garment factories. We formed a rapid response network to support these struggles.

After a few years it expanded its scope to be anti-imperialist in general, and changed its name to One Struggle. The group dissolved at the end of the decade due to various factors.

In 2010, several of the original members revived it. Our goal is to build a broad, combative anti-capitalist/imperialist mass movement.

A note on texts:

We attempt to produce texts collectively, and we value that process as an aspect of building political unity among us. Unsigned texts have been collectively agreed upon by all members at the time.

Signed/attributed texts represent the views of the authors (not One Struggle as a whole), and may have been submitted by either members or non-members. While full unity has not been achieved on these pieces, they are, at minimum, not in fundamental disagreement with our basis of unity.

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  1. John Steinsvold says:

    An Alternative to Capitalism (which we need here in the USA)

    The following link takes you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:


    John Steinsvold

    Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
    –Georg C. Lichtenberg

  2. love your site!!!i’m 69yrs old,hippi,native activist,living in my truck&ready and waiting for a real revolution to start here,in the belly of the beast!!!!!!lets get this thing going,have some fun taking down the cowards&punks that are willing to kill as many as they can,destroy mother earth in the process,all for fools gold&heartless power!!!hokahey/it is a good time to live

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