MIA Event: WTF is Happening? Capitalism in Crisis.

As we head into 2018, One Struggle is psyched for a new year of agitation, events and growth to construct a direly needed movement against capitalism and imperialism.

Join us Sunday, 02/04/18 for “WTF is Happening?: Capitalism in Crisis.” It’s a presentation and discussion on understanding this crazy moment and building political unity to get organized.

Capitalism is in crisis and no fraction of capitalists, or their representatives, have any real solutions. The potential to grow and expand is reaching physical limits. Finance, debt and speculation have toxified the global economy. As a result any progressive veneer that capitalism used to retain is being eliminated, out of necessity for capital accumulation. Every element of life must be commodified for capitalism to continue.

Each day of 2017 seemed like an unbelievable plot twist in the dystopian sci-fi thriller that is our actual reality.

In the first year of Trump’s presidency, free and open access to the internet was repealed. The passed “tax plan” screws everyone except the rich. Rents and cost of living continue to rise as wages stagnate. The attack against public education and students continues. Public lands and sacred natural sites are now open to more drilling and extraction. Fascist ideas and organizations are growing and consolidating.

We are under attack.

We often forget, but capitalists are fully aware that our power lies in organization. From the eight hour work day to women’s suffrage and desegregation, it is the people, organized as a social force (movement), who made social change.

In this moment of their extreme crisis, capitalist ideology will always pacify, numb and disorganize us. The ideas circulating through media, ads and even our one-on-one conversations will push us towards individualism, away from organization, making us weaker.

To impact and radically alter this world, we first have to accept the intense reality we face. It will not go away. We cannot count on anyone to resolve these contradictions for us – politicians or NGOs. We have to do it ourselves.

This is where we find hope, inspiration and power – in being real about what we face; building political unity; gathering our forces; and working hard, together, to construct a diverse and autonomous movement of people who recognize that capitalism is our common problem.

We had much to protest in 2017. As immigrants, students, women, teachers, environmentalists, service employees, and humans we turned out to protest a myriad of assaults. Shout out to all those who fought back in 2017.

In 2018, let’s build the link between protest and movement, working towards a social movement that goes beyond single issues and makes the connection that all of us, dominated and exploited by capitalism, must unite.

Moments of crisis hold great potential for change. We are many, but we are isolated and disorganized. Let’s get it together. Shake passivity, and fight for our rights, for our lives, and the life of this planet.

Kick off 2018 right. Come to “WTF is Happening!”

We are many. We can be brave. We can be strong.

See you there!

Who:  One Struggle

What:  WTF is Happening? Capitalism in Crisis – a presentation & discussion

When:  Sun, 02.04.18 @3p

Where:  Space Mountain – 738 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL 33150

FB Event Link:   http://bit.ly/2Eqbplk

If you have any questions, or are interested in getting involved, give us a shout:

Email – onestruggle.southflorida@gmail.com
FB – @OneStruggle
IG – @OneStruggle.FIU
Twitter – @OneStruggleSF


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