It’s Fascism, Y’all.

This is a volatile moment. It’s not just about hate and white supremacy… It’s about capitalism in crisis.

This is an admittedly limited starting point for digging deeper to understand what’s going on and how we got here:

* Alt-right, white supremacists, white nationalists, Trump… there is actually one term for their camp – Fascists.

* Racism is an ideological element of fascism. Fear, religion, nationalism, xenophobia, transphobia and Islamophobia are also used to divide and subjugate us.

* Capitalism is in crisis. The potential to grow and expand is reaching physical limits. Finance, debt and speculation have toxified the global economy.

* Fascism is a form capitalism takes to deal with crises. It’s an autocratic approach to keep the economic engine chugging along for capitalists. The merging of state and corporate interests & the rolling back of regulations and democratic rights are necessary to keep markets expanding and to prevent the people from fighting back.

* There are different fractions of capitalists, and some will also resist fascism. But they hold no real alternative to capitalism’s crises. By necessity and class interest, they will continue to put profits over the interests of workers, students, families, neighborhoods, our health, and the planet.

* We need to build and grow our autonomous political alternative to capitalists’ economic crises.

* Let’s harness our fears, frustrations, and skills into organization & a movement against capitalism, fascism & all forms of oppression!

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