May Day! Solidarity w/Haitian Garment Workers

May 1st is International Workers Day!

Today, One Struggle wants to bring attention to the struggle of Haitian garment workers and the Rapid Response Network – a solidarity network that supports autonomous workers’s struggles.

One Struggle will be participating in May Day events in South Florida, and in Haiti, garment workers across the country will be mobilizing to demand an increased minimum wage, the right to organize, and more.

We ask you to lend your solidarity with a financial contribution to Haitian garment workers… the people who sew much of our clothing and are fighting exploitation daily.
Read the info below and check out the RRN site for ways to contribute.


May Day, OS sm imageFrom the RRN:

May Day began to commemorate Chicago workers’ fight for the eight hour work day and the right to organize.

In Haiti, garment workers are fighting for these essential rights.

Batay Ouvriye, an independent workers’ movement in Haiti, and their affiliated textile unions – SOTA, SOKOWA & SOVAGH – are mobilizing for demonstrations across the country.

Workers at H&H Textiles factory just had a victory after striking for over two weeks!

SOKOWA union in Ounaminthe continues their battle for an increased wage and against a corrupt wage tax.

In the face of debt, hunger and repression, these workers are pushing forward and amplifying their fight!

For May Day, let’s stand with these workers!

Here in the US, we are the consumers of goods inevitably produced through a process of exploitation. At this moment in time, when so much seems so wrong in the world, when we often feel powerless, let’s build people’s power!

Take an active stand with workers fighting exploitation, with people fighting for their rights.

The RRN is collecting donations to help these garment workers build a strike fund, and to go towards their May Day mobilizations.

Make a contribution of any amount. It all adds up to help fuel the fight for justice.

Your dollars will help:

  • Print leaflets
  • Pay for meals for meetings
  • Pay for transportation costs of organizers traveling between Port Au Prince, Carrefour, Ounaminthe & Caracol
  • Help workers pay their rent and feed their families when they strike and have no income

Here are ways you can give to the Strike Fund:

** All funds will be wired to Batay Ouvriye in Haiti

** The RRN is not a 501(c)3. Donations are not tax deductible.

1.  Venmo –

2.  Paypal –

3.  Send a wire transfer directly to Batay Ouvriye. Note “RRN Strike Fund.”

Account’s name:

Account No.:

Bank’s name:
SOGEBANK S.A. Route de Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (509) 2815 5595

Swift Code for Sogebank:

Corresponding banks in the US:
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Swift Code: IRVTUS3N

4. Mail Checks to:
Frantz Wainwright*
35 NW 195 ST
Miami, FL 33169
* Please write check out to Frantz Wainwright & note RRN Strike Fund.

5. Email the RRN
if you’re in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, and you’d like to send cash/check to be wired to Haiti –

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Twitter:  @RRNsolidarity


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Thank you for your solidarity!



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