Distractionz: Don’t Just Post, Organize!


Distractionz art

Crazy times all around us; ICE making rounds

Trump an ‘em are clownin’ us; freedom’s nowhere to be found

Bills are fuckin’ drownin’ us, and we’re mass extinction bound.

This situation’s scary; can’t afford to play no games

Wasting energy on Facebook postings – really fucking lame.

Bourgeoisie’s the enemy; that class is insane.


We so close to losin’ our whole world to this shame

Mother earth holds a lovely beauty we can claim.

Gotta organize because there’s no other fucking way

They pollutin’ skies and drilling oceans every fucking day.

Molly pushin’ in the music, confusion as escape

Voting booths and politicians ain’t gonna give us change.

Accepting these conditions is really fucking strange

You swervin’ off that bourbon, cuz I got your shoulders jerkin

You’re grooving and your thinking, and fam that’s all ok.


Even if you love your job, you’re getting robbed I say

You don’t make main decisions when bosses are on top 

You’re dying with their healthcare, or you’re murdered by their cops.

You living with your moms and or living with your pops

While they sell you silly dreams, and blame you when you flop.


Individualist ambitions gotta get dropped

Your creative essence…

Is more useful in collective presence.

One person’s weak; masses of people speak.

Organize, fight, retreat, defend, assault – repeat.

Organize, fight, retreat, defend, assault –  repeat.


I understand the work is hard

We all gotta do our part 

Lets….. pitch …in

Together we’re a force ….that ….can… win

 If we fight with….. the passions of our heart.


No more progress in this economic trap.

Gotta call a spade a spade; we’re a bunch of lab rats.

You want a family, and you want a home to own

You want a piece of pie of what you’ve been shown

But there’s no peace when drones are flying in the sky.


The world is run by the class enemy

It shows us its teeth with social cuts and its police

You want to stay comfortable while there’s blood on the streets.

If we don’t act now, we won’t outlive the heat.


Coastal cities going straight into the sea

The future can be so much better in our unity

Otherwise the future is mad fuckin bleek

We need to act cuz capitalists are on our backs

Take a look my people, we out here gettin’ slapped

If we organize together  we can smack ’em back.


A mass movement is what we really need to see 

So why give our energy to our enemy…?

When we can build a world, we want, and which we need.

I believe in you… can you believe in me?


They privatizin’ everything for market greed

Time for us to organize so we can finally breathe. 


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