Pollinating Ríos Vivos hits Miami!

One Struggle is excited to host the Miami stop of the “Pollinating Ríos Vivos” tour! “Pollinating Ríos Vivos” is a joint project of The Beehive Design Collective and Movimiento Ríos Vivos. Movimiento Ríos Vivos Colombia is the collective effort of dam-impacted communities in Columbia fighting to defend their territories and rivers. […]

A Few Points on Electoral Politics

We’re re-posting this 2014 OS piece on elections.  It’s dated, so it doesn’t address the current election cycle/ring & circus, but is still relevant as it focuses on the re-cycled general arguments, used over and over, to validate bourgeois elections. A “corrupted” system? There’s a misconception by Americans that the problem with elected representatives today [...]