Report from Yannick Etienne — RRN campaign results

We are very grateful for all the support and solidarity we have received from a lot of individuals and organizations. This kind of support is very important and strengthens our conviction and our determination to keep up the struggle till the end. This kind of support also shows the internationalist nature of the struggles we are engaged in and the importance of international solidarity. The capitalists and imperialists have formed their own camp and alliances, we must stand united in our own camp to confront them.

We want to underscore that our response was very effective. The organizations that we asked to be targeted by protest messages, CNOHA and its president, Dominique St Eloi, received a lot of messages. In a meeting between different organizations concerning this matter, they asked Batay Ouvriye to request the suspension of the solidarity messages.

Batay Ouvriye will not fall for this ploy. They have asked us to change the wording of “assassination attempt” to just an aggression. This already shows that they won’t take responsibility for what they did. The aggression was meant to intimidate us and to kill us as we were resisting. The aggressors themselves shouted that they came to kill us. They clobbered our car with rocks and they flattened 3 tires; that is also what they wanted to do to us. That’s why we will not take back the denunciation of an assassination attempt. We will only tell the truth, and the truth is revolutionary.

On top of that, they are requesting that we stop the sending of messages to the CNOHA email. Our response is that this is beyond our control. The messages are coming from people and organizations that are protesting the unacceptable nature of what happened. They are protesting so that this doesn’t happen to any other militant who is taking part in the struggle for real change against capitalist exploitation and domination throughout the world.

Thank you very much for your solidarity! It shows that all those who fight for social justice, all the organizations that fight for the advancement of the struggles of dominated workers, particularly of the working class, will stand in unity to oppose any violation of the rights of any one of us.

The struggle continues even stronger! We will never give up in our struggle against the reactionary classes and their lackeys!

Yannick Etienne,
Batay Ouvriye

February 13, 2015


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