RRN: #DefendYannick – Building Pressure!

"Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers' struggle for a pittance!"

“Down with yellow unions that sell out the workers’ struggle for a pittance!”

UPDATE: There is a general strike in Haiti Mon 2/9 – Tues 2/10.

RRN will deliver our signed statement to the thugs at CNOHA on Wed 2/11.

That gives us two more days to gather support!

Please share widely.

Batay Ouvriye reports that CNOHA is feeling our pressure.  Thank you for helping to flood their email inboxes!

At the core of this attack, and our solidarity with Batay Ouvriye, is the struggle for genuine autonomous and democratic workers organizations… something that is actually rare in existence, the world over. Let’s defend it!

On January 30, an assassination attempt was made on Yannick Etienne, a militant of Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), in the SONAPI industrial zone of Port-au-Prince. The perpetrators were flunkies of the NGO/yellow union CNOHA (Central National Workers of Haiti).

The Rapid Response Network stands in solidarity with our sister, who has been a steadfast and courageous organizer for decades, at great personal risk and sacrifice. Batay Ouvriye is a rarity in this world: a genuinely autonomous and combative workers organization, and we will not stand by and allow collaborationist thugs to harm its militants!

Yannick belongs to the struggle, belongs to the entire international working class. Anyone who faces her with violence, will have to face all of us!

We Stand in Solidarity with the International Working Class!

We exhort our friends and sympathizers to also denounce this act internationally, and put CNOHA on notice that they will not get away with harming Yannick!

Join those who have already signed!

Click here to sign the above solidarity statement.

Please share:  #DefendYannick, @RRNSolidarity

See below links for background info:

SOTA-BO Statement on Multiwear SA negotiations

Interview with Yannick Etienne

BIG Thanks to everyone who has signed! <3 If you signed, but do not see your name below, please let us know – onestruggle.southflorida@gmail.com

Faiezul Hakim President,Bangladesh Trade Union Federation [TUF] Dhaka BANGLADESH
Kevin Buchanan kook Salt Spring Island BC CANADA
Rachael Charbonneau One Struggle Sudbury Sudbury ONTARIO CANADA
John Newlands One Struggle Sudbury/artist Sudbury ONTARIO CANADA
Fred Doura Économiste Montreal QUEBEC CANADA
Jean-Claude Icart sociologist Montreal QUEBEC CANADA
Alain St. Victor Teacher Montreal CANADA
Nathalie Lamaute-Brisson Economiste Port-au-Prince HAITI
PHYLIDOR ANOL Coordinator Of Programm HAITI
Noel Sequeira Student New Delhi INDIA
jose antonio gutierrez researcher Dublin IRELAND
Beth Kasner Berkeley CA USA
Ankur Patel Teacher Los Angeles CA USA
Day Spencer massage therapist Northridge CA USA
Jiah Kim Boulder CO USA
Shaunda Cunningham ISO Denver CO USA
Ashley Seymour Fundraiser Denver CO USA
Eldon Weaver Cooper City FL USA
Stephanie McMillan cartoonist Fort LauderdalE FL USA
Evan Rowe professor Fort Lauderdale FL USA
Jeff Weinberger Broward Homeless Campaign/Working group to end homelessness Fort Lauderdale FL USA
Baby Bear Gulfport FL USA
Sally Francis Burnpile Press Jacksonville FL USA
Keela Porter Brow Jacksonville FL USA
Sarah Cruz WDNA-FM, Miami & One Struggle Miami FL USA
Alicia Cruz Student Miami FL USA
Urs Garcia student Miami FL USA
Thomas Giovanni Black Rose/ Rosa Negra- Miami Miami FL USA
Brian Kundinger Miami FL USA
Agustin Martinez Miami FL USA
Lissette Miller Community Organizer Miami FL USA
Richard Morales Miami FL USA
Andrea Nunez Seed 305 Miami FL USA
Kaan Ocbe Research Assistant at Florida International University Miami FL USA
Jorge Quintana Miami FL USA
Brendan Sutton carpenter/farmer Miami FL USA
Imena Valdes student Miami FL USA
Dr. Karen Dwyer Stonecrab Alliance Naples FL USA
Jack Lieberman Progressive Rags North Miami Beach FL USA
Malia Bruker Professor, Florida State University Tallahasee FL USA
Thomas Estabrook Student Grinnell IA USA
Felix Acuna Centro Autonomo Chicago IL USA
David Loyo Youth facilitator Chicago IL USA
Tony Nelson Mexico Solidarity Network Chicago IL USA
Eric Tenza Teacher Chicago IL USA
Rebecca Gonshak student Galesburg IL USA
June Levier Childcare Topeka KS USA
Jeff Smith Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy Grand Rapids MI USA
Kieran Knutson Communications Workers of America Local 7250 Minneapolis MN USA
Mackel Garrison community organizer Albuquerque NM USA
Mario Caonabo One Struggle-NY Brooklyn NY USA
Malcolm Emerich Brooklyn NY USA
Linda Thurston Brooklyn NY USA
Asante DeJesus Buffalo NY Free Jalil Muntaqim Buffalo NY USA
David Wilson Co-author, The Politics of Immigration: Questions & Answers Flushing NY USA
William Bachmann Retired Postal Worker New York NY USA
Daniel Huttinot New York NY USA
Mark Ritter writer New York NY USA
Rebecca B. Wilk legal secretary Woodstock NY USA
Brandi Hayworth Wilsonville OR USA
Pablo Barbanegra Philadelphia PA USA
adrian felty Pipe fitter Cola SC USA
Timothy Roberts History Midland TX USA
George Geanuracos technology Richmond VA USA
Harold Geddings Sheet Metal Workers Local 399 Barnwell USA
Frank Coughlin MD USA

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