Poetry for Action

Spark Through the Dark

by Ricardito Ramos

The broken rose can shatter foes

Torn pedals are rough to oppose

scarred and almost froze

Poverty makes it hard to grow

Positivity rarely shown

Webs of degenerate sewn

Crack viles and broken homes

TVs show a token road

In what image are we mold?

Deviate, they scold

Worms grimier then mold

Coming from where malt liquor’s sold,

Where pissy stairs and dirty halls

Where broken dutches always fall

What a pity,

A city where towers of gold

Were built by those who live in hoods so shitty

Life so gritty

“role models” dumbed down silly

Grown ups act like kiddies

Streets raise us cleverly witty

Fuck slices of pie,

let’s take the bakery!


An Assessment

by Ricardito Ramos

They condition the conditions

Positions of submission

A poisonous system time for transition

What is there to do?

Collapse the old, create the new

Way past due

Nothing hits harder than the truth,

Rough to smooth

Economic exclusion necessitates revolution,

Perpetual pollution

Needs a solution,

Political illusions

Parasitic relations

Through institutions with the masses,

State apparatus helps exploit and dominate classes

An illogical situation

Artificial “nations”

Race descrimination,

A contradictory reality;

Bourgeois society destroys the seas,

Global south forced on its knees

Imperial nations

Based on domination

Usurping the resources

Capital enforcers

In tanks, on horses,

Workers clash with bosses

Collision in sight

The proletarian struggle

Through revolutionary muscle

Rulers create conditions of no good

Shoot-outs in the hood

Corporate/state rulers

Benefits are mutual

Pig brutality cruel and brutal

Masses used as tools

To divide is the plan

Sects can’t ride on the man,

Policies of robbery

Intrinsic to the paradigm

Usurpers bank on our dime

As we exist in a comatose state

Stuck in a trance watching tv with an empty plate

full of self hate

Until we amass a resistance of the masses that can

Form a critical opposition

Until the blind can see

And the deaf can listen……….

Everyday Story

by Ricardito Ramos

She was born into hell,

She thinks she’s living well

Used for her body

Hurting physically,

Beaten mentally

Told how she should act,

Appropriate to show her back

Or lay on it in submission

Can’t tell when its death that’s kissing

Told not to question,

That her physique is a blessing

And nothing else is worth much

Feening for the real touch

Of appreciation

Instead there’s degradation

Only given power within limits,

Had hers broken so now she breaks spirits

Showers nude on television

Thinks freedom equals prison

Suffering from all the bruises

From continual abuses

Thinks the “baddest bitch” is the truest

The picture’s never been clearer

A million photos

still hates the image in the mirror

Calls her homegirls “hoes”

Thinks that makes them dearer

A beauty derailed

In a world where sex is hailed

And potential jailed

It’s really hard to hate

But people do,

even when they relate

if they only had a clue…………


He was taught to be a man

Means to be a boss

So his plan

Is to fuck and floss

Loves his mother

But hates his sisters

Butt naked he feels should stay the pictures

taught to cry is to show weakness

so he lives to die and preaches

all his dirt

not knowing a woman’s or his own worth

Living in contradiction

Becoming submissive to the system

Born a slave dies in a cage

Lost to the beast and its ferocious rage

Thinks he’s brave

As he mistreats his partners

Becoming the meaning of soul robber

His only control is in destruction

Acts in accordance to how he’s taught to function

Behaving like the reaper that’s grim

Barber shops which supply his trim

Provide fuel for his obsession

Discussions of how who is dressing

Lurking in the night

He seeks his pray

Pursues through flight

Not living right

But who’s to blame?

The pawn or game of chess

Beats when he should caress

The world’s a stage

The venue of sad theatrics

Its bad how humanity is robbed so drastic

He continues to pursue stones and plastic…..


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