"Organizing at the Intermediate Level" Presentation tonight in New Haven!

Sarah Cruz, an organizer from One Struggle, Miami will present on “Organizing at the Intermediate Level” and discuss the role of intermediate level organizing to build a combative, anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist mass movement in the U.S. Sarah has also worked in independent media as a fundraiser and producer with organizations such as Free Speech TV, WDNA Miami 88.9FM, and subMedia.

If you agree that capitalism is a destructive system only serving the interests of the capitalist class, you should attend! We will not debating the merits of capitalism, but discussing methods of organizing against it. This presentation is by One Struggle. One Struggle is an anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist collective with chapters in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. It exists to help build a mass movement to expose and resist the global imperialist system and its effects.

Free refreshments and light snacks provided!

Mass movements cannot be conjured from thin air or willed into being, no matter how correct our ideas or determined our hearts. They arise in response to intolerable social problems, congeal through collective practice and theoretical work, and harden through continuous, escalating struggle.

We Need to Build Organizations to Magnify Our Power: Organizations are structured relationships between people who understand that collective power can affect society on a level that atomized individuals cannot. Organizations begin with two people and a plan, and go through a process of development as surely as we all go through the stages of infancy, youth and maturity. As the system cracks apart, it intensifies the suffering of all of us living inside the thrashings of its final stage. In response to this new level of urgency to find a way out and create alternatives, people are exploring many possible courses of action. Small, loosely defined collectives are springing up all over.

The intermediate level organization is a tool with which we can build a mass movement. It can create more favorable conditions for mass struggle, and be in place when mass struggle does erupt, to maximize its effectiveness and provide continuity through its inevitable ebbs and flows.

Capitalism/imperialism is an economic system constructed for the purpose of theft and accumulation of wealth for those in power, regardless of what it does to the rest of humanity and the planet. Its built-in drive for profit has caused measureless human misery all over the world, and is threatening the very existence of life on Earth.

Social struggles against oppression–including but not limited to patriarchy, racism, homophobia, oppression of immigrants, the ongoing theft of land and domination of indigenous people—plus the fight against imperialist wars and international domination, as well as the fight to save the planet from ecocide, are all interconnected.



People’s Arts Collective
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