Go to our first Open Mic in Miami on August 1st!

The One Struggle Progressive Open Mic is a monthly open mic where progressives of all stripes are invited to share their talents and to help create a community in Miami. Suggested donation is $5 and a $10 donation gets you two drinks. All donations go toward the printing of the One Struggle newspaper, South Florida’s [...]

Come to our Anti-Imperialism Panel Discussion this Sunday!

On the anniversary of the 1915 US invasion of Haiti, several speakers will talk about the effects of imperialism on various countries, and the need for international solidarity and struggle against it. Zarin will talk about the garment industry in Bangladesh. Abdy Javadzadeh (One Struggle) will define imperialism. Mnar Muhareb (One Struggle) will talk about [...]

Capitalism Must Die! A Series in Parts: Part 29

If we want to free ourselves from this omnicidal nightmare, then we must organize ourselves, must become strong enough so that together we can dispossess the dispossessors, take back our collective means of subsistence, and annihilate capitalism as a system. Only then can we build an alternative way of life that is sustainable and free [...]