Event Held in Solidarity with Bangladesh Language Day and the International Fight Against Imperialism

On February 22, One Struggle (onestruggle.net) hosted an event, “Language Day of Bangladesh and the International Fight Against Imperialism,” at Florida International University in Miami. It consisted of a panel discussion followed by a cultural program. During the panel discussion, Irtishad Ahmad (FIU) provided historical background on the Bangladesh war of independence, illustrated with photographs. [...]

We can't defeat capital while upholding its interests

Progressives (anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists) must avoid many traps designed to render us completely ineffective. We must clearly understand our situation, in order to act constructively. One fact that we must appropriate is that the crisis of capital is no longer a cyclical one. Instead it is a deeply rooted systemic crisis, from which, so far, [...]

Open Mic: Fort Lauderdale, 02/21/2013

A monthly Open Mic for One Struggle. Comics, poets, and musicians are all welcome to attend and perform. This month's featured performers will include Chris Horgan (of Sweet Bronco) and stand up comedian Kevin Perry will be performing. Evan Rowe will be the MC. Depending on turnout, and in order to accommodate all performers and [...]


TELL GILDAN: STOP THE BEATING OF WORKERS WHO MAKE YOUR T-SHIRTS! Garment workers in Haiti are among the lowest paid and most oppressed in the world. The garments they produce are for export, for companies such as Walmart, Hanes, and Gildan. In October 2012, the minimum wage rose to 300 Goud ($7.06 US) per day. [...]

Language Day of Bangladesh, and the International Fight Against Imperialism

One Struggle presents: Panel discussion & cultural performances Friday, February 22, 2013 7:00pm until 10:00pm FIU College of Engineering and Computing 10555 West Flagler Street, Miami In the "Panther Pit" -- second floor On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/326731067437339/ Panel topics: • Background on the Bangladesh War of Independence • Imperialism and its effects • Sweatshops, austerity measures, [...]