Joint statement from organizations in Bangladesh

(This is a translation of a statement being circulated in Bangladesh). Hundreds of workers working at Toba Groups’ Tazreen Fashions Limited in Nischintapur, Ashulia in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, died at the devastating fire, one of the most horrible in recent times, on Nov 24. Government and mass media have claimed 130 deaths at [...]

One Struggle: Statement of Solidarity for Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Charred human beings, mostly women, unrecognizable, burned to death behind locked doors. When alarms sounded, the bosses yelled that nothing was wrong. "Go back to work," they said. Outrage does not begin to encapsulate the reaction to the horrific deaths of garment workers in the Walmart-contracted Tazreen Fashions Ltd. Factory fire. One Struggle mourns the [...]

From Raw Materials To Your Mall: Exploitation Is Always In Fashion

An Insider Exposes Garment Industry Practices by Designer X With barely a year or so under my belt as a clothing designer, after graduating from one of the most famous Fashion Design universities in the world, I said something like this to my dad: “Dad, I feel guilty. I’ve learned since graduation that the people [...]