Anti-Imperialist Festival 7/26-28, Miami

Music: Kiki, Askultura, Sebon/Kazak July 26-28: Three days of activities to mark the anniversary of the first U.S. invasion of Haiti in 1915. Thursday-Saturday: noon-6 p.m. viewing of the photos from Haiti 1915 (accompanying text in Kreyol). A guided tour with translations to English will be offered 5 p.m. each day. Friday: 6-9 [...]

Reflections on Imperialism – New York 7/28/12

Reflections on Imperialism and Popular Resistance To mark the 97th anniversary of the first US invasion of Haiti in 1915, join us for an evening of reflection on imperialism and popular resistance to well over a century of US imperialism. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 28, 2012 La Difference Driving School Community Hall 836 Rogers Ave., [...]

This painting is a mess…

by Kiki Wainwright No matter how life is painted now – white over black, red, the color of blood or green, the hope that changes are imminent – this painting’s a mess… No matter how the lower class struggles in bad weather, the big boss always has sunshine; a bad day for him is death [...]