One Struggle condemnation of Raid on Fort Peace

One Struggle, an autonomous, anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist collective in South Florida, condemns this past Tuesday’s Miami Police Department (MPD) raid on activists at the apartment complex at 540 NW 7th Avenue, aka Fort Peace. We express disbelief, at best, toward the claim, as reported in both Miami New Times and Huffington Post, that MPD had intelligence that [...]

The real choice in 2012? Two Evils or One Struggle!

Every four years, as we come around to that carnage strewn and rotting battlefield known as “the presidential election cycle,” the question is raised as to whether this is a zone we’re obliged to enter. It’s a hot debate, hot as in ’emotional’ and, frequently, as in ‘full of much hot air.’ It’s also a [...]

Video: Is It Fascism Yet?

Marc Luzietti makes a presentation at the Anti-Capitalist Caucus of Occupy Fort Lauderdale, 2012. [youtube]