Solidarity With the Wave of Occupations

2011 has shown the world the powerful impact of people mobilizing to the streets. From Greece, to Egypt, to Chile, the wave of occupations is still waging a forceful battle against austerity measures, privatizations, crippled education systems, tyrannical regimes, and more. Its domino effect has finally reached the Unites States and it’s currently occupying Wall Street while its initiative spreads like wildfire to areas like Albuquerque, Denver, Asheville, Los Angeles, Kansas, Miami, Boston, and many more brewing.

One Struggle would like to sincerely express solidarity to those who are mobilizing against corporate greed and the injustices spread by the destructive system we live under.

It is inspiring to see our local communities finding a voice and taking the initiative to do something about the ghastly inequality gap between the wealthy and the dispossessed and the many other systematically oppressive issues that permeate our lives financially, socially and culturally. Encouraged by the birth of this powerful movement, we would like to offer our explicit support for Occupy Miami since it is part of our local struggle which we promise to help encourage and support in any way we are able to.

In Solidarity,

-One Struggle South Florida

Occupy Miami


One Struggle is an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist organization. Our aim is to build unity among those who take a stand against the capitalist system we live under in order to work out ways in which we can struggle together to fight this system and replace it with a classless and sustainable society.


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