They Cut — We Bleed!

For an autonomous movement of workers In Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, mass popular protests are going on against austerity measures. Due to the ongoing crisis of the capitalist system in the US, these so-called “structural adjustments” promoted by capitalist institutions such as the World Bank and IMF are [...]

Fort Lauderdale Activists Arrested on May Day

The hollow month of March was sweeping in when the police harassment of Food Not Bombs activists began to stutter. This could very well have been a result of February ending in demonstrations, media, lawyers, and complaints to the city of Fort Lauderdale regarding this issue. However, it was hardly a victory since the fall [...]

After the event

The May Day celebration was great! We had a nice crowd in Rara's gallery filled with his gorgeous paintings. The music was beautiful and inspiring. The puppet show about the history of May Day was informative and funny. We had rousing statements by the Green Party and Batay Ouvriye, great poetry, an engaging speech by [...]