May Day Celebration in Miami, Saturday 4/30

In South Florida there are a lot of great May Day weekend events! Hope you'll fit this one in your schedule -- Celebrate May Day with us at a multi-media extravaganza of liberation! Music by amazing Kiki Wainwright, Sebon and Kif-Kif, Hunter Altschul and more! The first puppet show ever on the history of May [...]

Unite Our Struggles Against Exploitation and Ecocide

Our Planet, Our People, Are Not Expendable Our Common Enemy Is Global Capitalism Capitalism is the economic system that dominates the planet. It runs on the exploitation of human labor to turn the living world into dead commodities, for the profit of a few. The small, powerful minority who own the means of production enforce [...]

May Day – Celebration

Save the date and watch this space for further details. A May Day Celebration, Saturday, April 30th in Miami.