Program Saturday 1/8/11 at FIU, Miami

From Overthrowing the Profit System to Not for Profit The rise of NGOs and the decline of mass movements When: Saturday, January 8, 2011 3:00 PM Where: Florida International University, room WUC 155 3000 N.E. 151st Street North Miami FL 33181 The past forty years have seen an explosion in the growth of NGOs. The World Bank estimates that nearly 15% of all overseas development aid is now channeled through NGOs. At the same time, we have seen a precipitous decline in mass social movements. One Stuggle South Florida is hosting a discussion on the rise of the NGO and the fall of mass movements. Our hope is to foster an inter-organizational dialogue to raise awareness of the NGO trap and how together we can rebuild mass movements for justice, social change, and popular power. Join us to help find a way forward. I. Intro A. Definition B. Scope II. NGOS as Agents of Capitalism A. Enables capitalists to shield wealth from taxation B. Gives capitalists another mechanism of control C.  Shifts goals from structural change to charity (part 1) III. NGOs as Agents of the State A. Anti-violence programs B. Shifts social programs from state to NGOs 1. Workforce One 2. Faith Based Aid IV. NGOs as Agents of Imperialism A. Shifts goals from structural change to charity (part 2) 1. Haiti 2. Cultural programs 3. Micro-loans 4. Population control B. Supports imperial agenda 1. Fundamentalist religious revivals 2. Save the women, i.e., brown women from brown men. V. NGOs as Agents of Demobilization A. Gives donors control of agenda 1. Civil Rights Movement 2. INCITE 3. Changes focus from movement building to social work. B. Professionalization of movement work 1. Changes oppressed from subject to object 2. Requires everything to be packaged at successes to continue funding, rather than dropping failed strategies C. Shifts goals from structural change to charity (part 3) 1. Better Policing, not community control 2. Conservation, not environmentalism 3. Job training not unions D. NGO Problems 1. Scams: How to "Save the World" and make a profit 2. Exploitation of workers VI. Conclusion [...]

Public presentation and discussion: 1/8/11

NGOs will not lead to liberation. As part of our effort to contribute to building an anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist movement, we will make a presentation about how NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations*) are a losing strategy, and are in fact designed to divert the struggle into dead ends that are incapable of challenging the system. Following the presentation will [...]

Mobilizations and Mass Movements

Mobilizations and Mass Movements This is a discussion of two approaches employed in organizing at the mass level: mobilizations and mass movements. Mobilizations typically entail calling on people to participate in rallies, protests and other actions. A mass movement pushes dialogue and strategizing from the revolutionary or intermediate levels to the mass level, building organization [...]